Toyoko Magnificent Poop [FullHD / 2020] |

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Toyoko Magnificent Poop [FullHD / 2020]

Toyoko Magnificent Poop [FullHD / 2020]

An impressive poop that is not one to miss!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).

Koto’s Cleansing

Inserting a suppository and dildo in separate holes creates a blissful cleanse!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).

Saki Is Constipated

A fan favorite produces golden nuggets on a scale, witness an epic struggle to poop!

Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted.
Note: EFRO scenes begin at apx. 00:08:50.

Isuzu Massive Poop Massive Fart

Much farting before legs spread open to push out a massive poop and an equally massive fart (6 sec!) from puckered and unwiped anus!

Multiple angles. Close-ups. Cameraman-assisted (silent).

Saki Thick One

Returning again and this time with a thick poop from behind after many minutes of teasing!
Self-filmed. Close-up zoom (poop).

Saki Sandwich Poop

An egg sandwich is cooked, eaten, and pooped out, in that order!

Multiple Angles. Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted (female).
Note: EFRO scene begins at apx. 00:05:50.

Eme Stool Poop

First farting on a stool and then pushing out a long stool!

Close-ups. Cameraman-assisted (silent).

Return Of Saki

Witness a signature thick poop from a fan favorite!
Multiple angles. Close-up (poop). Cameraman-assisted (unseen).

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