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Oops MissAnja – I Shit in Short Jeans Anal Gaping

Oops MissAnja – I Shit in Short Jeans Anal Gaping

I wear one of my favourite light blue jeans short pants. Feeling to shit is in the air. Actually before i started record the video though I poo myself right away. You can see me at starting to desperation through few minutes. Seriously have to poo so bad. Do you know about that feeling don’t you? I’m moving up and down holding the pants. Also wear a lovely thong underneath, of course you get quick peek to. I tell you how bad have too and i want shit right now. And the moments has came, i turn backward to camera standing, left the jeans on and i feel how my warm, stinky creamy shit filling my jeans short. I told you can’t hold it anymore. On the side on right legs leaking down. So hot i also push out this poo until i can and moaning. Can you imagine how much I feel lighter and better myself. I also peeing through on pants. Then coming the dirtier part of, i pull down pants show off shitty, dirty thong and pants inside. Looks delicious. Then put it back, make more mess inside pants by hand. Today I have a nice dildo next to me so I start playing with, insert into tight and dirty asshole, bending over. Awesome and dirty view to panty and jeans short. I don’t take off them. I just moaning and keep fucking asshole and talking dirty. Tell me would you like to cum all over on my butt? I love giving pleasure to my ass and having orgasm. Also gaping butt hole many times. Moaning a lot, like this feeling. Asshole is wet and poo covered. Finally I show to you the dirty jeans short after I took off, such a messy pants:) I’ve made for you, everything I make I do for you. Have fun

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