Mistress Christina's personal toilet |

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Mistress Christina’s personal toilet

Mistress Christina’s personal toilet

Mistress Christina’s personal toilet. Today I again found myself alone with Mrs. Christina. Victoria was busy, and Christina decided to use her free time to have fun with the slave. Mistress rested on the couch and watched TV, and all this time I had to sit on the floor in another room and wait for her to invite me in order to use my services. Finally, this moment has come. The first thing I had to do was licking the Mistress’ feet, which were not very clean. I dutifully licked her feet and cleaned the heels of her legs, after which I was ready for the next task. Christina ate borsch and risotto yesterday, and I had to receive all this from the girl”s beautiful ass. Mistress for a long time could not decide what she wants more – piss or shit. I had to guess and place my mouth either opposite thepussy or opposite the anus, because I could not allow anything to hit the floor.I managed to guess. I readily opened my mouth, which she first filled with her golden urine, and then with her fragrant shit. I swallowed it all quickly, so the Mistress was satisfied.

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Mistress Christina’s personal toilet

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