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Lesbian Poop Sports and denim shorts

Lesbian Poop Sports and denim shorts

I and Olga wore shorts Olga wearing white shorts I denim . First, we pose for you in my shorts , and then Olga becomes a cancer and I take her butt shorts and show you her bare bottom , then again put them on the ass Olga , then I stand cancer on my knees and Olga relieves my denim shorts and shows you my naked ass , and again puts them on my ass . I tell Olga that Olga got cancer on his knees and relaxed his ass , Olga said that she very much wants in a toilet and not being able to contain the pressure of shit , I said to Olga, shit in shorts , Olga relaxed and I saw a trickle of urine and then shit in white shorts the shit out of the shorts , I want that , I got cancer and also initially released in a piss denim shorts and then shit in them . Of my short falls out of the shit and a lot of traces of urine and shit , as well as Olga . We stroll around the room , crawling with cancer on his knees showing you my dirty shit and urine shorts . At the end of the video we shoot two shorts and show you their dirty shit from ass and again put them back .

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