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Human centipede – The experience NewScatinBrazil

Human centipede – The experience NewScatinBrazil

Diana has problems with the car, she decided to ask for help in a house near there. She can not think that this is a house of a cruel doctor. Isa opens the door and let the girl enter in her house. Diana saw a strange behavior of the doctor, but she can not imagine what is happening in Isa’s mind. Diana goes to the bathroom and found a strange room in the house, there is one girl, she is sleeping very deeply, she decided to wake up that girl, but suddenly Diana was attached from behind. When the girls finally wake up, they realize what is hapeining, Isa shows to the girls her cruel plan. The doctor will make with they a human centipide, conecting the girls by mouth to asshole, turning the two girls only one complex organism.

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