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Female farting’s smell is my food’s smell

Female farting’s smell is my food’s smell

Female farting’s smell is my food’s smell. It was the next day of my trials. Mistresses Victoria and Christina were on a walk, and I came early after work to watch TV and to relax. I thought I would have at least 1 hour for this, but I did not expect the girls to return so early. The slave should always be ready to his duties, but I was not ready, so I was punished. Although not immediately. Mistresses were in a good mood, so at first the girls had fun, farted in my face, and I had to sniff their farts and enjoy their fragrant smell. However, the girls did not forget that I met them inappropriately, was sitting on the couch and was smoking, so I was flogged by a belt on my butt. Throughout all this time, I was thinking about when the Mistresses will finally want to poop, because after a walk they always want to use the toilet. I really wanted to try their shit. And finally, this moment has come, and this time a toilet chair was used. As a result, I ate two huge portions of female shit. Today I had a particularly great desire to do this, so I swallowed so quickly that the Mistresses were even surprised and had praised me.

Genre Scat: Mistresses, their, girls, smell, after, always, early, finally, toilet, ready, really, because, about, praised, couch, sitting, smoking, flogged, Throughout, thinking, scatting domination, femdom scat, shitting, toilet slavery, defecation, scat swallow, shitting porn, poop smear, scat porn, teenies shitting, young scat girls, scat teen, russian scat, MilanaSmelly

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