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Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Mistress Mia

Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Mistress Mia

For you,Hannah
Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Princess Mia.If you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video. CUSTOM-Milk-enema- Scat,Shit,Enema,Piss,Toilet slavery If you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video.
Mia’s ass misses the boyfriend, and Mia decided to invite him home to humiliate again. She caught him on the street and lured home. He was also bound, the mouth was closed so that he would not call for help. The girl cooked a chocolate dish for the guy, placed directly on the plate and began to dunk his face, humiliated him. But this is not enough, she made an enema with milk and began to water his head with shit and milk, so that the slave could not breathe at all and coughed. Mia loves when her boys are covered in shit. She pushes his head into shit with milk and laughs at the weak guy.

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